Red Peony

Named after a popular flower symbolizing prosperity and abundance, the Red Peony flour is a high-quality flour milled from white wheat with medium to high protein content. It is specially extracted from the inner part of the wheat kernel, resulting in a prominent white color and excellent gluten bonding. In addition to its versatility for use in items like bao buns, dim sum, and Japanese udon noodles, Red Peony flour is uniquely crafted for the beloved Pia cake. This flour is well-suited for creating a uniformly elastic crust and distinct layers for Pia cakes, contributing to the prolonged freshness of the product.

Specifications %
Protein 9,0 - 12,0
Wet Gluten ≥ 24,5
Water Absorption ≤ 14,0
Ash ≤ 0,5

Perfect for| Steam buns, mantou, Japanese noddles, dumsum, pia...