In the early 1990s, Vietnam implemented an “open-door” economic policy by applying foreign investment laws to encourage foreign organizations and companies to invest in the country.

In Malaysia, the Malayan Flour Mills Berhad (MFMB) group was a pioneer in the grain and food production industry, particularly in wheat flour, from the 1960s, and showed great interest in investment opportunities in Vietnam.

In 1992, MFMB representatives attended a visit to Vietnam with the Prime Minister of Malaysia to discuss economic cooperation opportunities with Vietnam. Subsequently, MFMB established a joint venture with VINAFOOD I at Cai Lan Port, Quang Ninh Province, under the name Vimaflour Joint Venture Company. The joint venture began operations in January 1998 and was one of the first modern automated factories with a milling capacity of 500 tons of wheat per day. Over nearly three decades of formation and development, Vimaflour Joint Stock Company has built a leading position in wheat flour production with a comprehensive system from raw material sourcing, storage, and milling on a modern and current capacity milling system reaching 2000 tons of wheat per day. The company supplies high-quality wheat flour products to customers from the Da Nang region to provinces in Northern Vietnam.

With visionary and breakthrough thinking from the early 1990s,MFMB recognized the potential in the Vietnamese wheat flour market. Utilizing its strong financial resources, MFMB decided to apply for an investment license for a second wheat flour processing plant in southern Vietnam. With significant efforts and dedication from MFMB’s leadership, Mekong Flour Mills Co., Ltd. was granted an investment license on June 30, 2000, and officially commenced operations in April 2003, with an initial milling capacity of 500 tons of wheat per day. After over 20 years of operation and relentless effort, the company is now a supplier to all customers in the food production industry using wheat flour, from the Da Nang region to provinces in Southern Vietnam and major clients in the Southeast Asia region. Currently, the company’s production line has a capacity of 1200 tons of wheat per day, supplying over 70 wheat flour brands for traditional products, specialized products, and customized products based on specific customer needs.