Mekong Flour Mills Ltd. is one of the major wheat flour processing companies in Vietnam. The company’s factory is located in Phu My 1 Industrial Zone, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, with a milling capacity of 1200 tons of wheat per day.

Mekong Flour Mills Ltd. was established on June 30, 2000, as a 100% foreign-invested company belonging to the Malayan Flour Mill Berhad (MFMB) group. MFMB is a pioneer in the wheat flour processing industry in Malaysia with over 60 years of experience and is a significant partner with wheat suppliers from large cultivating regions like Australia, the United States, Canada, … Besides its long-standing experience in wheat flour production, MFMB is a large corporation involved in food processing, poultry farming, livestock feed production, and aquaculture in Malaysia.

Follows our core values throughout the formation and development of the MFMB group, we have been holding and maintaining our core value as following:

Quality: We commit to purchasing and using the best quality raw materials for production. We pay attention to every detail in the manufacturing process and implement Total Quality Management (TQM) in order to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent stability, at reasonable prices.

Consolidation: We believe that Consolidation and consensus between employees and company board management are key to the company’s success. Consolidation has brought MFMB and its subsidiaries to their current positions, and it will continue to be our goal to maintain and further develop in the future.

Progress: We dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement, development, and product innovation to collaborate in achieving common goals with partners and contributing to the values of the community.

Our products are manufactured on modern production lines and follow a system of quality control throughout the process, with TQM implemented to ensure product quality, compliance with food safety and hygiene standards such as FSSC 22000, ISO 9001-2015, and Halal.

Currently, the company supplies over 70 types of wheat flour products to major customers in the baking industry, including bread, pastries, Vietnamese bread, instant noodles, fresh noodles, dry noodles, sponge cakes, and snacks. Additionally, we have specialized products for paun, mantou, dim sum, bánh Pia, vegetarian products, semolina, Atta, whole wheat flour, and special requirements in the production of coated flour and tempura flour. Moreover, we have product lines that meet strict requirements for protein content, microbiological criteria for animal husbandry, aquaculture, and other industrial sectors that use wheat-derived raw materials, such as starch, gluten, wheat germ, etc.

Our products are supplied to customers from Da Nang to southern provinces of Vietnam. Furthermore, we export goods to countries in Southeast Asia and worldwide, adhering to trade, quality, and additional requirements of each respective country.

The company’s products come in various packaging options, including 0.5kg, 1kg, 25kg, and 40kg bags, as well as bulk transportation in specialized vehicles ( flour tanker) or flexitank for export purposes.